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This section features a Judy Garland filmography and index into the movie review section of JGDB. Click on any movie title to go to the review page for that film. On the review pages you will find in-depth information about each of Judy Garland's films. Each review page also has links for buying VHS, DVD, posters, soundtrack CDs, and more.

"The Big Revue"

  Meglin short subject, 1929 [as one of The Gumm Sisters]

"A Holiday in Storyland"

  Vitaphone short subject, 1929 [as one of The Gumm Sisters]

"The Wedding of Jack and Jill"

  Vitaphone short subject, 1929 [as one of The Gumm Sisters]


  Vitaphone short subject, 1929 [as one of The Gumm Sisters]

"La Fiesta de Santa Barbara"

  MGM short subject, 1935 [as one of The Garland Sisters]

"Every Sunday"

  MGM short subject, 1936 [as Judy]

Pigskin Parade

  20th Century-Fox, 1936 [as Sairy Dodd]

Broadway Melody of 1938

  MGM, 1937 [as Betty Clayton]

Thoroughbreds Don't Cry

  MGM, 1937 [as Cricket West]

"Silent Night"

  MGM, 1937 Christmas Trailer

Everybody Sing

  MGM, 1938 [as Judy Bellaire]

Love Finds Andy Hardy

  MGM, 1938 [as Betsy Booth]

Listen, Darling

  MGM, 1938 [as Pinkie Wingate]

The Wizard of Oz

  MGM, 1939 [as Dorothy Gale] AA

Babes in Arms

  MGM, 1939 [as Patsy Barton]

"If I Forget You"

  MGM, 1940 short subject

Andy Hardy Meets Debutante

  MGM, 1940 [as Betsy Booth]

Strike Up the Band

  MGM, 1940 [as Mary Holden]

Little Nellie Kelly

  MGM, 1940 [as Nellie Kelly and Little Nellie Kelly]

Ziegfeld Girl

  MGM, 1941 [as Susan Gallagher]

Life Begins for Andy Hardy

  MGM, 1941 [as Betsy Booth]

Babes on Broadway

  MGM, 1941 [as Penny Morris]

"We Must Have Music"

  MGM, 1941 short subject

For Me and My Gal

  MGM, 1942 [as Jo Hayden]

Presenting Lily Mars

  MGM, 1943 [as Lily Mars]

Girl Crazy

  MGM, 1943 [as Ginger Gray]

Thousands Cheer

  MGM, 1943 [as Herself]

Meet Me in St. Louis

  MGM, 1944 [as Esther Smith]

The Clock

  MGM, 1945 [as Alice Mayberry]

The Harvey Girls

  MGM, 1946 [as Susan Bradley]

Ziegfeld Follies of 1946

  MGM, 1946 [as "The Star"]

Till the Clouds Roll By

  MGM, 1946 [as Marilyn Miller]

The Pirate

  MGM, 1948 [as Manuela Alva]

Easter Parade

  MGM, 1948 [as Hannah Brown]

Words and Music

  MGM, 1948 [as Herself]

In the Good Old Summertime

  MGM, 1949 [as Veronica Fisher]

Summer Stock

  MGM, 1950 [as Jane Falbury]

A Star Is Born

  Transcona / Warner Bros, 1954 [as Esther Blodgett] AAN


  Columbia, 1960 [voice only]

Judgment at Nuremberg

  United Artists, 1961 [as Irene Hoffman] AAN

Gay Purr-ee

  UPA / Warner Bros, 1963 [as voice of Mewsette]

A Child Is Waiting

  United Artists, 1963 [as Jean Hansen]

I Could Go On Singing

  Barbican / United Artists, 1963 [as Jenny Bowman]

unfinished films

  Films Judy nearly made

AAN indicates Judy received an Academy Award Nomination.
AA indicates Judy received an Academy Award.

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