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The Judy Garland Page

This site is a perpetual tribute to The World's Greatest Entertainer, Miss Judy Garland. While there are many sites now that are constantly updated, this was literally the first site on the web, and will remain online for as long as I live."   - Scott Fisher

When I first started JGDB, Scott's web page was the only Judy Garland page on the web. A search for "Judy Garland" on Yahoo would find about 6 hits! Scott has been updating this site recently, and it's looking great!

Judy Garland:
The Live Performances

Steve Jarret's wonderful web site sort of picks up where Judy Garland Database leaves off. While JGDB is focused on Judy's career at MGM (1935-1950), Steve's web site focuses primarily on Judy's concert years (1950-1969). Lots of info on her concerts and television work.

The Judy Room

Visit Scott's Judy Room - one of the most incredible collections of Judy Garland memorabilia ever assembled! The Judy Room has evolved into one of the best Judy sites on the web! You gotta see this!

The Judy Garland Club

Home of the Judy Garland Club - the only fan club appproved by Judy, herself! See also a review of the club's magazine "Rainbow Review" on the Judy Garland Club page here on the Judy Garland Database.

Judy Garland Online

Features beautifully colorized photos of Judy.

The Judy Garland
Photographic Tribute

Authored by Christophe Balczunas from Belgium (now living in the US). This web site is a wonderful tribute to Judy, with lots of great movie stills from many of Judy's movies!

Judy Garland Web Ring

Home page of the Judy Garland Web Ring. The Judy Garland Web Ring is a growing group of some of the best Judy Garland web sites on the 'net! And they are all interconnected for easy surfing. Check it out!

Judy in London

A wonderful site celebrating Judy's life and work in London! Includes information on all of Judy's appearances in London, music files and much more.

Star Is Born, A

Devoted entirely to Judy's masterpiece film, A Star Is Born (1954). Lots of pictures and some trivia. Author: Mattias Thuresson, Sweden

Young Judy
Garland Site, The

A nice site dedicated to young Judy! Photos, sound files and more.
Webmaster: Sean Casale, South Africa.

Additional Sites of Interest

Classic Movies

Visit Brad Lang's incredible classic movies web site!

Beyond the Rainbow

Probably the best place on earth to buy current Judy and Oz memorabilia. Beyond the Rainbow now has a web site, and you can order online. Visit often!


See Judy's final resting place in Ferncliff Cemetery, Hartsdale, New York. This site lists many, many celebrities!

Judy Garland Museum

The web site of the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Home of the Annual Judy Garland Festival!

Judy Garland
Photograph Catalogue

A place right here on the web where you can buy some unique Judy photos! Don't miss it!

Judy Garland Posters

A place right here on the web where you can buy Judy movie poster reprints! Very nice, too!

Judy Garland on Wikipedia

Good article on the Wikipedia web site!

The Official
Liza Minnelli Website

The official web site of the wonderful Liza Minnelli. Don't miss it!

Lorna Luft
Official Site

A web site and mail list dedicated to "Judy's other daughter," Lorna Luft. Check it out!

Lost Performances/
Final Appearances

"Mysterease" - a place right here on the web where you can buy some unique Judy videos (and other stars, too)!

Richard Glazier,

Richard Glazier presents "A Salute to the Hollywood Musical," "Gershwin: Rememberance and Discovery," and "Gershwin and Joplin: Ragtime & Romance


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